The exhibition Swaying on the edge is a poetic articulation about closeness and distance, about crossing boundaries and transformation. Swaying on the edge helps us stay in balance and cope with differences, because who we are is not defined on the basis of opposites, but how we expand and move between them.

The exhibition is a story about change and transformation. It reveals the complexity of today's cultural identity, the obstacles and anxieties that arise from the need to navigate between the multiplicity of overlapping identities and communities. Technologies today offer us the opportunity to bridge distances, bring relationships closer, mediate contacts and thus allow us to be a part of several simultaneous realities. But how to connect these parallel worlds? What happens the moment we move from one to the other? We have become more malleable, fluid, but also confused and lost. Swaying on the edge expresses a continual gentle movement, an endless process of translating our experiences between different contexts. This form of translation is not easy to define - it consists of imperceptible processes and complex emotions, which we are not used to giving names, but bodies, textures, shapes and colors.

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Viktória BeličákováRomy YedidiaIsidora KrstićRita KoszorúsMayra Sérgio